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Some of you may be familiar with online courses; for others of you, this might be the first online course you have taken. Please take the time to read this section in order to familiarize yourself with the procedures that are followed in online courses. This course will be held through both the ANGEL course management system at MSU as well as a course WIKI ( The WIKI system may be new to you; other online courses may not use it.

There will be no physical classes to attend. Since this course is completely online, you need to make sure that you will have consistent access to the Internet throughout the course. This course requires a high speed internet connection. Also, the two professors interact with the students through email and postings on the WIKI. We cannot meet with you in person.

All examinations will be given in the ANGEL system. All lectures, power points, and class activities will occur in a WIKI developed for this course. Each of the systems is described below. Please read carefully.

The ANGEL site is: In order to login to the system you will need your MSU user name and password. If you do not already have these, please contact the MSU Registrar’s Office (517-432-3952) and one will be assigned to you. If you should encounter ANY technical difficulties throughout the course, contact the MSU Helpline by calling

1-800-500-1554 or 517-355-2345.


The following Internet browsers are compatible with ANGEL and have been recommended for this course. You are likely to encounter problems during examinations if you do not follow these recommendations.

Browser - OS - Plugin Info


Internet Explorer 9.x Firefox 3.6 FirefoxChromeSafari


Firefox 3.6FirefoxChromeSafari


Firefox 3.6Firefox

*Mobile browsers are not fully supported by ANGEL. Many features such as messaging, drop boxes, discussion forums, quizzes/exams and others will not work correctly. Please use a non-mobile version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

ANGEL Supported Browsers: Especially Important at Exam Times!

When taking the exam it is important to use a Browser that gets along well with ANGEL! Even if you use (for example) Opera for much of your everyday activity, it may not work in a timed situation, such as an exam. All of the recommended browsers are recommended because they have been tested with ANGEL and are highly compatible with it. In other words, it is best to play it safe and use a supported browser.You can see a list of supported browsers by looking at the Question Mark over by the Guide at the left of your course. That is where you find answers to other Help Questions about ANGEL, too.

If you are not sure about what browser you are using or don't understand how to get a specific browser … remember that we have a great Help Desk! Just call 355-2345 or 1-800-500-1554. They are just as happy to help you prevent a problem as they are to help you in the middle of one.

Firefox is a browser that works very well with ANGEL. Here are the download links to get Firefox.

For Windows:

For Mac:

Before you begin an exam:1. Clear you cache and cookies by going into the Tools tab in Firefox.2. Choose “Clear Private Data” and check two boxes, “Cache” and “Cookies”.3. Click on “Clear Private Data Now”.4. Log into ANGEL and begin your exam.

Required Online Orientation inside your ANGEL Course

Every student enrolled in Psychology 493 is required to take the ANGEL training course online. You will find it in the “ANGEL Orientation” unit folder. Even if you have taken the training course for prior online courses, you are required to take it again for this course.

The tutorial explains how to use the ANGEL system and what you will need to know in order to successfully complete the course. You must take a short quiz when you have completed the tutorial; the quiz tests your basic knowledge of the ANGEL system. You will need to click on the Orientation quiz link to access this quiz. Please note: You cannot begin the course until you get 90% of the answers correct. If you do not get a score of 90% on your first try, you can keep taking the quiz until you do. However, every time you re-take the quiz, you will need to re-review the ANGEL course orientation. Your score on the quiz is not included in your grade. We have you take the orientation course and the quiz so that you are comfortable navigating the ANGEL system. Learning about ANGEL before you begin will help avoid later problems.

Student Tracking on Angel

ANGEL tracks all student login information. It keeps a record of when you log in to ANGEL and when you log out. It also records when you begin an exam and when you submit it. This helps us resolve problems that might arise with the ANGEL system. You should know, however, that the professors cannot view student activity except in the course content area. That is, we cannot view anything you put in the “My Content” area.

Course Announcements

All time sensitive assignments will be highlighted in the course schedule at the end of this syllabus and on the course calendar in ANGEL. Reminders for examinations and course assignments will also be posted in ANGEL in the course announcement section.

The WIKI System

All lectures, power points, and course activities will take place on the WIKI system. To access the WIKI for this course, go to: Only students enrolled in the course, the Instructors, and the “Bright Spots,” may access this WIKI. You should have received an invitation to join the WIKI via email. Please check your email as this allows you to sign up for the WIKI. If you did not receive an invitation, please email one of the instructors as soon as possible.

Information concerning the use of the course WIKI can be found via the following three sources:

Please use the “Help” button that can be found in the upper right hand corner of each wiki page for more in-depth help information.

Accessing Lectures and Powerpoints
On the left hand side of the WIKI homepage, you will see individual chapters listed. You can click on those chapters to access lectures and power points. On the Friday before a specific week, lectures and powerpoints for the next week will become available. Once the
Interacting with the Professors
Interactions between students and professors will be accomplished via the “discussion” option located on each wiki page (see below). The use of this option will be noted within the context of the lecture information. This option will not be used within each lecture.
Signing up for a Team and Completing Class Project Paper
Each team will be composed of three students. Teams and roles within those teams will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

To sign up for a team, go to the WIKI homepage On the left side menu, click on “Project.” Click on the “Team Page” (top of Project main page). You will see a list of 1-10 teams. You can sign up for one of the 3 roles on any of these teams—communicator/organizer, researcher, or writer. To sign up for a specific role, click on one of the ten teams, then click on Edit, and then type your name in the role that you want. Once you have typed your name, you must save the page or you have not guaranteed your role.

See “Final Paper” section of the syllabus, that begins on page 8 below, for more explanation about the responsibilities of each of the 3 roles.

Note that once all the teams have been filled, Dr. Johnson will assign each team to a Bright Spot. Students and/or student teams will not be able to choose the Bright Spot.